Review: VEGANDELI Mortadella and Morcilla sausage

More vegan slicing sausage from Deli-Frys...or should we say VEGANDELI as they will now be known. We recently reviewed their mock ham and mock smoked chorizo sausage and now it's the turn of two other types of slicing sausage...Italian Mortadella and Spanish Morcilla. These types of sausage might be familiar to you if you frequent New York delis, but are less well known in the UK than the ubiquitous Chorizo. Mortadella is a garlicky sausage, while Morcilla is...well, more of a bloody concoction in the manner of black pudding.

Having never tried either of the dead-flesh versions of these products we have absolutely no idea how authentic they are. If we were to guess, we'd say they're probably not even close...but that's not to say there is no value in them. They are each distinctive, though this distinction is a subtle one. We could have confused the Morcilla for the Chorizo we sampled last week for instance.

The Mortadella is soft, pink and garlicky with not too strong a flavour. You'd probably find this is best eaten cold, maybe on a sandwich. The Morcilla meanwhile is stronger, a deeper red and has quite a smokey meaty flavour. We think this one is best used in cooking to add flavour to dishes.

We took the Morcilla and did just that...we rustled up a slow cooked stew of beans, tomatoes and peppers, and added some cubed Morcilla. The result is pretty good...the sausage has enough flavour to pass some of that meaty smokiness to the dish. We'd certainly cook this again.

There is far less of a slicing sausage tradition in the UK than in the rest of Europe, and probably less than in North America too. We think VEGANDELI might struggle a little with've first got to convince vegans that they're missing something they probably never had...

Verdict: Mor Mor Mor

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
VEGANDELI Mortadella and Morcilla slicing sausage 

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.



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