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Madécasse Chocolate - Hazelnut, Orange & Cranberry

We recently gave a rave review of this Madagascan chocolate, and the company got in touch afterwards to offer us some seasonal flavours with a festive twist. Blogging's a hard life sometimes eh. Naturally, we snatched their hand off, so here's our review of the Hazelnut and Orange Cranberry flavour bars.

Last time, we had the Sea Salt & Nibs, Toasted Coconut and the Salted Almond flavours. Just like those, these specials have a handmade appearance, with nuts and cranberries scattered artfully across the rear side. If you're looking for stocking fillers for lovers of good chocolate, these bars are ideal.

These bars don't just use fair-trade cocoa, they're grown in Africa and made in Africa, with 4 times the impact of fair-trade. You can check out the good work that Madécasse is doing over on their website

The Orange Cranberry bar has a subtle orange flavour, with tangy cranberries. What you also get though is this amazing cocoa, that's not bitter, but aromatic and rich.

The Hazelnut bar is even better, with cinnamon added. You'd expect this to be overblown and christmassy, but instead the cinnamon pairs really well with the hazelnut to make a rounded taste that has to be experienced.

Round Up

We've been wowed again by Madécasse chocolate. This isn't some worthy fair-trade chocolate and it's not a trendy artisan brand with weird and less than wonderful flavours. These guys are making seriously good chocolate, in expertly honed flavour combinations. They also happen to be doing some great work too.

You can buy Madécasse chocolate in Waitrose, or for the larger range try Traidcraft

The Orange Cranberry is also on Amazon (affiliate link):
Madécasse Orange Cranberry Chocolate 

Veganoo Score: ★★★
Madécasse Chocolate - Hazelnut, Orange & Cranberry
The Good: Great flavours, great chocolate
The Not-so-Good: The company does use dairy

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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