Review: BlueRisella 'Blue' Cheese

BlueRisella Vegan Blue Cheese

A vegan version of a creamy soft blue cheese, for hot or cold use. BlueRisella is a flavoured version of CreamyRisella, the vegan soft cheese from the makers of MozzaRisella. Rather than mould, it's flavoured with seaweed, in the form of nori and ulva. Does it taste anything like blue cheese?

Just like CreamyRisella, this cheese arrives in tube form, with a tray for once it's opened. It's just about sliceable with a sharp knife, or you can just scoop it out. Many vegan soft cheeses are too firm (including Violife Creamy and Tofutti), but both CreamyRisella and BlueRisella have a great spreadable texture.

The aroma on opening the pack is distinctly seaweed, from the nori and ulva (sea lettuce) but the taste is more complex than that. To experience the unadulterated flavour, we spread some on crispbread. There is a bit of a blue cheese flavour to the cheese (we asked a vegetarian), plus a subtle seaweed flavour too.

On a digestive (graham cracker), we found the sweet biscuit didn't work as well and there was a bit of a flavour clash. The salty cheese is more tangy than earthy, which doesn't really work with sweet flavours.

On a sandwich, BlueRisella has the useful feature that you can actually taste it over and above anything else you add, like rocket and tomato. Some vegan soft cheeses are so bland that they can't even compete with the bread.

Heated, this cheese is a revelation. The top rated melting cheese in our Taste Test was MozzaRisella (and we never thought to test CreamyRisella on pizza). The BlueRisella melts even better though, is more flavoursome and is even less sticky. That strong flavour is far more rounded when cooked and becomes just a deep umami flavour. This really is the perfect pizza cheese.

BlueRisella Vegan Blue Cheese on Pizza

Round Up

You need to get you hands on some BlueRisella. The MozzaRisella team have done it again, and rounded out the family with another hit. It's perhaps misleading to think of this as a faux blue cheese, but it certainly serves a similar purpose. It's pleasant and creamy when cold, and pretty amazing when melted. Go get some.

Veganoo Score: ★★★
MozzaRisella - BlueRisella ('Blue' Cheese)
The Good: Good cold, amazing hot
The Not-so-Good: More of an alternative than a faux blue cheese

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel and nutrition panel from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. Oooh, I'm super excited that this is melty and delicious on pizza. Seriously hoping I can get my hands on it when I'm next in the UK.

    1. It was released in Europe before the UK so depending on where you travel you might come across it.

  2. Couldn't find it in Germany today, just the regular stuff. Back in the UK now.. Do you know of anywhere that's stocking it?

    1. We just found it in our local wholefood shop, but they always stock new stuff to try out. Best thing is to ask for it at an independent like that.


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