Review: Provamel Macadamia Milk

Provamel Macadamia Milk

We finally got our hands on the new nut milk that Provamel have launched at the premium end of the plant milk market. We say premium, because macadamias are the queen of nuts - they're expensive, and so is this milk (see below). Is it worth tracking down, and 'shelling out' for...

This is a sweetened nut milk, with 4% macadamia and 3.5% agave syrup. Macadamia is a high-fat nut, and this milk is really thick and creamy. It's not too sweet though, unlike the Rice & Almond milk we reviewed in May. The macadamia flavour is not very prominent, just a mildly sweet nuttiness. 

This milk doesn't split or curdle at high temperatures. It's full body makes it perfect for coffee, where it makes a creamy, slightly nutty whitener. This is the best performing nut milk for hot drinks. We used up the rest of the carton in a white sauce (no picture), where the creaminess works really well too.

We mentioned the price, and you can see the sticker above - nearly three quid for a litre of nut milk. That's the most expensive milk we've ever seen. Whether you want to pay that, depends on how well you love macadamias!

The Provamel range is available at health food and wholefood shops, and branches of Holland & Barrett

The Good: Excellent, versatile nut milk
The Not-so-good: Too expensive for everyday use

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Provamel - Macadamia Milk

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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