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Dairy-free naan bread UK

Three brands of yoghurt-free naan bread on sale in the UK. It's really hard to find naan bread that doesn't have dairy in it, so whenever we come across some we grab it. There's nothing like a pillow-soft naan, with that oven-baked outside and soft chewy inside. The best ones are the pungent garlic and coriander ones. We've found three brands you can buy in UK shops:

Newbury Phillips naan breads are organic, distributed by Suma, and sold in health and whole food shops. As vegans tend to frequent these sorts of shops, these naans are the ones you're most likely to find. Both the Plain and the Garlic & Coriander ones are vegan.

Our experience of Newbury Phillips naans are that they're often dry. Like many long life naans, they kick around in the shop for a while and often get a bit dry and brittle by the time they're bought. Look for a long shelf life and for breads that aren't damaged (a sure sign they're dry). They're pretty good naans, and if you sprinkle them with water and warm them in the oven, you'll get the best results.

Golden Spike & Sun naan breads are cheaper and come in packs of three. Again, we found both Plain and Garlic & Coriander flavours that were dairy-free. You can find this brand in asian supermarkets and corner shops. They're quite bit flatter than your typical naan - almost chapati like, and not so puffy or soft. They're not dry though. The Garlic & Coriander ones could do with a bit more of a pungent kick for our liking.

Mrs Unis naan breads are the best of the three. They have the classic shape, baked outside and soft inside. Unlike the Newbury Phillips ones, we found them not too dry. Again, you'll most likely find these in asian supermarkets and shops, although they're also stocked in a range of independent shops.

We know that we have some followers who want gluten-free too, but the dairy-free gluten-free naan has not crossed our radar yet. If you know of some, let us know in the comments (only egg-free ones too though!).

There used to be a handy source of vegan naans, at your local Tesco. The Tesco Light Choices Mini-Naans used to be vegan, but these days they have skimmed milk powder in (boo!).

Let us know in the comments if there are other vegan naans on sale in the UK.


As well as Clay Oven Bakery naans that our Twitter followers pointed out, there are also these Pana brand naans on sale in Home Bargains, for the bargainous price of 49p! Thanks to VeganFire for the photos.


Newbury Phillips naan breads

Golden Spike & Sun naan breads's/

Mrs Unis naan breads

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Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

Newbury Phillips plain naan breads

Golden Spike & Sun plain naan breads

Mrs Unis plain naan breads

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  1. I think there are 2 in Home Bargains that use Vegetable Ghee. I will look/take photos next time I am in and let you know

    1. Vegan naans in Home Bargains?

    2. Twitter tipsters suggest Clay Oven Bakery naans

    3. The ones in Home Bargains are from a company called Pana, there is 2 flavours (Plain and Garlic) and are £0.49.
      I have photo's if you want them

    4. Yes please, and we'll update the update!

  2. We buy naan bread from Home Bargains, the brand is 'Pana' and the packet also says 'Pride Valley Foods'', come in plain and garlic and coriander and are about 69p for a pack of 2. Yum.

  3. Bought 4 x Pana brand in Home Bargains Harlow today (2 Feb 16) and still £0.49. I picked up ones that are good until mid April but you may want to check the packs when you are there. Will probably pick up some more at the weekend to keep a supply in ;-)


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