Review: London Tea

The London Tea Company: Black, white, green, fruit and herb teas

Black, white, green, fruit and herb teas from London's premier tea company. From breakfast tea to sencha green tea, the range has something for all tastes. The marketing team at London Tea sent us a selection to try. What else could we do...we held a vegan tea party.

The selection we tried at our tea party included the following:

Black Teas: London Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, Vanilla Chai

Green Teas: Sencha Green Tea, Tropical Green Tea

Herbal Teas: Camomile, Pure Peppermint, Zingy Lemon & Ginger, Raspberry Inferno, Peach & Rhubarb

Rooibos: Pure Rooibos

White Tea: Pear Tatin

The Tea Party

In order to make it interesting, the tea party was a blind taste test. One guest (hello Nic!) was our super-taster and was able to pick out almost every flavour in each bag - quite a skill. The teas certainly divided opinions, which goes to show how much the taste of tea is a personal preference.

Our Favourites

London Breakfast Tea

Classic breakfast tea blended superbly. This is a really smooth cup of tea - rich and dark, but smooth. With quite a deep caramel colour (even with plenty of soya milk), this blend looks quite different to your average brew. The strong but smooth taste is great.

Raspberry Inferno

This one is a fruity herbal tea with hibiscus, raspberry and a little something else - chilli. The inferno is actually more of a gentle warming to the back of your throat, which is only just noticeable. It does add something extra to the tangy red fruitiness of the tea though, and makes a lovely fruity tea.

Zingy Lemon & Ginger

Another classic combination, and one done well. Not too tart or sharp, but well balanced lemon with a little spiciness from the ginger. This is a perk-me-up and warm-me-up kind of drink. Ideal for spring mornings as well as autumnal evenings.

Earl Grey

Earl Grey always divides opinions and this one is no different. Those in our party who don't normally like Earl Grey thought this was the first Earl Grey they would drink. The Earl Grey lovers meanwhile thought it too mild. The bergamot content is certainly less prominent than in other blends of Earl Grey. We include it in our list of favourites because it appeals to non Earl Grey drinkers.

Vanilla Chai

The word Chai has come to mean spiced black tea. This one is black tea, infused with cardamon, cinnamon and clove spices, with the addition of vanilla. The blend is not too challenging, which is good if you're new to chai. The flavour is quite festive, reminding us of mulled wine, but with the sharpness replaced with sweet vanilla.

Our Least Favourites

Teas we didn't like include the Camomile and the Rooibos. These two again are polarising flavours, so that's not to say that these are bad blends, just that if you didn't like camomile or rooibos before, you won't be won over.

Round Up 

The London Tea range is a carefully crafted range of teas and tisanes. The flavours are all well rounded and blended, with nothing too coarse, or too bland. We love the colourful branding and we'd like to see it on our local store shelves... not just in London!

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