Review: Provamel Spelt Milk

Provamel Spelt Milk (Spelt Drink)

New dairy-free milk option made with organic italian spelt and very little else. Spelt grain is closely related to wheat and is considered a cousin of modern wheat varieties. It does contain gluten, for those on the lookout. This spelt milk is made with just spelt, water, sunflower oil and salt and is unsweetened. It sounds a bit 'hair-shirt', but we like to try new you don't have to...

Dairy-Free Spelt Milk

The milk is surprisingly full bodied and creamy, but then there is a high grain proportion (15%) in there, which is almost double what you get in some brands of soya milk. The colour is a slightly oatmeal off-white.

This milk is really sweet - even though it has no added sugar. The trick here is glucose - malted spelt grain produces glucose, so whilst no sugar has been added, the spelt has been germinated to produce naturally occurring sugars. This is the same process that makes Rice Dream and similar plant milks naturally sweet.

The flavour is pretty neutral - rather like soya milk with just a tiny bit of beaniness, but nothing that would put you off drinking this straight from the glass. It tastes thick, creamy, mild and sweet.

It's even pretty good in tea and coffee. The taste is neutral enough not to taint the brew, but it does sweeten, so it tastes like you've got half a teaspoon of sugar in there.

We're pleasantly surprised by Provamel spelt milk - it's versatile, creamy, mild and not at all 'hair-shirt' as we'd imagined. The gluten will put some people off, but for those looking for a useful soya alternative, you may have found a new favourite plant milk.

The Good: Mild, thick, creamy, neutral
The Not-so-good: A little too sweet

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Provamel Spelt Milk

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. Hello! Just wanted to thank you for bringing this Spelt Milk to my attention. Having recently gone vegan I was struggling to find a milk substitute for use in tea. The mouthfeel of most soya and oat milks is wrong on many levels (I was a committed skimmed milk drinker) but this spelt milk is really brilliant; you can't taste it really unless you concentrate super hard! Thanks so much. Lifesavers. :)

  2. Hi! Just wondering, where did you buy this? I can't seem to find any spelt milk in my local supermarkets...

    1. You're unlikely to find this in a supermarket. The company uses the Alpro brand for supermarkets and Provamel for sales through health food shops. We found it in a health food shop in Nottingham.

    2. I bought it in bulk off Amazon if that helps? Works out about 40p a carton cheaper than off the shelf in a health food store..

    3. Ooh, didn't know you could buy it on Amazon

  3. I used this product in Europe.... Absolutely delicious.... Anybody knows if it can be bought in the USA, California in particular?

    1. Did you ever end up finding this in CA? I just tried it in Spain and I am obsessed!!


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