Review: De Rit Syrup Waffles

De Rit vegan Syrup Waffles

Filled dutch waffles with malt syrup or hazelnut syrup centres. The vegan ones of these are made by De Rit or Molenaartje, but be careful to avoid the similar looking ones by Biona which have eggs in. De Rit also make a honey filled version which you'll naturally avoid too. There is clearly no need for eggs or honey as these De Rit waffles are really rather good:

These De Rit waffles are only found in health food shops, and because of Biona taking up shelf space with their eggy offerings, the vegan ones can be hard to find. The De Rit waffles are genuinely Dutch and are organic too.

The Dutch 'stroopwafel' originates from Gouda in the Netherlands and was first made during the 18th century. The traditional way to eat a stroopwafel is to place it on top of a hot drink so that the rising steam warms the waffle and slightly softens the inside. We tried this and it's really good.

These waffles are the size of large biscuits. The waffle bit is thin and crispy and tastes quite caramelly. The oozy hazenut filling is the nicer of the two syrup options as the nuttiness offers a bit more flavour than the plain corn malt syrup, but both are excellent.

Seek out the De Rit brand waffles at your local health food shop. If they sell Biona waffles, then ask them to switch to De Rit waffles instead - and cater for a broader market. Vegans make up a large part of the customer base of health food shops and they need to work for our custom...

Verdict: Waffly Good

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
De Rit Syrup / Hazelnut Waffles

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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