Review: Booja Booja Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Booja Booja Dairy-Free Vegan Ice Cream

Mini-tubs of premium vegan ice cream that come with spoons, in Vanilla, Coconut and Chocolate flavours. Continuing our 'frozen' theme of late, which we should have done in August rather than as autumn arrives... These mini pots of ice cream have been around for a couple of years, but we're revisiting them to compare them to recent arrivals on the vegan ice cream scene:

Booja Booja is kind of the opposite end of the spectrum from Swedish Glace, and where we think Food Heaven will be (in supermarkets shortly). Booja Booja are an independent producer based in Norfolk. Their ingredients are always really simple, often raw, often without refined sugar. We absolutely love their truffles.

Booja Booja Vegan Ice Cream

These non-dairy ice creams are based on creamed cashew nuts, sweetened with raw agave syrup. The cashews are evident in the taste and texture of the final product, and that won't be to everyone's taste. The texture of these ices is definitely smooth and creamy, but your tongue will pick up just a hint of nutty graininess too.

The cashew nut flavour is most evident in the Coconut Hullabaloo flavour, as the flavours seem to enhance each other. We like it, but we'd describe it as 'Cashew and Coconut' flavour. The Vanilla M'Gorilla flavour is more conventional, with a good pure vanilla flavour and just a nutty background taste. The Hunky Punky Chocolate flavour has a nice deep chocolatey flavour and the cashews are not evident. It's also the smoothest of the three.

This ice cream is pretty hard straight from the freezer and you'll need to give it 10 minutes to soften up after you buy it to make it scoopable. The price of Booja Booja is at the premium end, but these mini pots compare well to ice cream you might buy as an impulse while 'out and about'.

The ice cream is also available in Ginger and Maple & Pecan flavours.

Booja Booja is available at Waitrose and independent health food shops, as well as a whole raft of online retailers:

Verdict: Don't let us 'cashew' eating anything else... (these puns are getting worse...)

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Booja Booja Dairy-Free Ice Cream

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Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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