Review: Provamel Pouring Yoghurts

Provamel Breakfast Pouring Yoghurts

New from Provamel - breakfast pouring yoghurts in Natural and Vanilla. We've been searching high and low for these as they don't seem to be widely stocked as yet. These pouring yoghurts are unusual, as there isn't a great pouring yoghurt tradition in the UK. We have nothing to compare them to, but Provamel have their own high standards, so our expectations were high:

The natural/plain flavour is incredibly smooth. The yoghurt is thin enough to pour, but not thin enough to drink. The taste is tart and delicately acidic and goes well with soft fruits.

We tried the yoghurt with some fresh black cherries and thought it was great. This could replace potted yoghurt as our favourite as it's so quick and easy to pour from the carton.

The vanilla flavour is sweetened and is very different from the plain yoghurt. As such it probably serves a different purpose. You could use it as an alternative to cream for topping fruit or other desserts, or simply enjoy it on its own.

It really is moreish and hard to stop eating. Smooth, sweet and with a great natural vanilla flavour, this is every bit the perfect thing to serve to someone who has never tried soy yoghurts before. If they don't like this they'll never like anything dairy-free!

Verdict: Forget boring yoghurt, try pouring yoghurt!

Veganoo Score: ★★★
Provamel 'Breakfast' Pouring Yoghurts 

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Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. I really like this stuff, I reckon I saw it in a Sainsburys ages ago and then never again, but then found it on Ocado...which I hardly ever use, so hopefully it's gonna make it's way into the shops and not just disappear. Tis lovely, I totally just drank the whole lot, it's perfect for pouring straight into the gob. :)

  2. perfect for pouring straight into the gob...TM! Provamel should use that!

  3. I love pouring yogurt, it is so versatile. I use it on porridge to make overnight oats for breakfast
    Where an you actually get these from? Great review as always :)

    1. Provamel list Sainsburys as a stockist but we tried several branches without success. We found it in an independent health food shop in the end.


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