Review: Sojade Chocolate / Vanilla Desserts

Sojade Chocolate / Vanilla Desserts

Dairy-free creamy vanilla and rich chocolate desserts from French firm Triballat. The company is behind both the Sojade and Sojasun brands, as well as some of Tesco's own brand dairy-free range. Sojade is their organic brand line, for sales through health food shops, and you won't find these in the supermarket. These twin pack desserts are new to us, so we gave them a whirl:

Sojade have a soya range as well as a rice range of these desserts, and they're very distinct products despite their similar appearance. We'll be looking at the rice desserts in another review. These soya pots also come in caramel flavour.

Sojade Chocolate Vanilla Dairy-Free Desserts

These desserts are refrigerated rather than ambient, but their closest resemblance is to the Provamel (or Alpro) range of ambient desserts.They're also very similar to the desserts sold under Tesco's own brand, which we've reviewed previously. They're lighter and a bit more gelled than Provamel desserts, and possibly a little sweeter. The vanilla is light and mild, whilst the chocolate is dark and rich.

These are excellent dairy-free desserts, with no soya taste, no graininess, no separation and no general weirdness (sorry Redwood). Whether you prefer Provamel or Sojade is a personal preference, with very little to choose between them.

Verdict: Delicious Desserts

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Sojade Chocolate / Vanilla Desserts

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Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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