Vegan Kebab: Wheaty Gyros and Doner

Vegan Doner and Vegan Gyros from German firm Wheaty, bought from Vx. We've seen vegan kebabs before such as the Vebab, but never pre-packaged ones such as these. Based entirely on wheat protein these kebab 'meats' are intended to replicate the thin slivers of lamb cut from those rotating spits seen in kebab shops. We can't remember what kebab tastes like, but are these kebabs worth seeking out to extend the vegan food experience?

The gyros kebab is darker than the doner, but the ingredients of both are identical apart from the spices. The red colour we can only assume is paprika.

The doner has less sauce around the wheat meat and is paler. Both kebabs are cut quite thinly, but not quite as thinly as the slivers cut from a spit.

The cooking instructions are very vague... alluding only to a 'gentle roasting'. We gave the kebab meat 10 minutes in a moderate oven just to warm it through and crisp it up. On cooking, the sauce around the gyros is absorbed and dried up leaving just chewy and slighty crispy meat.

The doner has less sauce to dry up, but the texture after the short cooking time is about the same. The gluten is very dense, much firmer than mock duck for instance, but it's still not dry thanks to a good amount of oil in the recipe.

Vegan Doner / Gyros kebabs

We followed the serving suggestion and prepared the kebabs in wraps, with salad, chopped tomatoes and cucumber and some vegan tzatziki (soy yoghurt with chives, cucumber and garlic).

We'd say these kebabs are more of an opportunity to extend the vegan experience than an authentic version of a lamb kebab. The wheat meat is tasty and mildly spicy, but gets a little lost with a wrap filled with salad and tzatziki, having neither the taste or the texture to stand out. We do like them though and we like the fact the gluten is genuinely juicy and tasty.

Verdict: Vegan Kebabs? It's a wrap

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Wheaty Vegankebab Gyros / Doner

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

Vegan Gyros

Vegan Doner

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  1. That does look yummy! I would buy that from a sandwich shop or cafe if it was on offer.

  2. I got some from Vx today where they were busy making kebab wraps for some customers!

    I am still dreaming of seeing the big Wheaty Kebab on a spit, which I've heard was at the Brighton Vegfest...

    mmm kebabs...


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