Review: Tofu King Spicy Tofu

Who doesn't love tofu? No... well you're in the wrong place! For those of you still here, we have the King of Tofus for you. The company Tofu King supplies all manner of tofu to Chinese supermarkets across the UK (be careful as one of their lines has egg in the tofu). This one is a fried tofu marinated in chilli oil and sesame. It's ready to eat hot or cold. We threw it in a hot wok for a tasty stir-fry:

This tofu looks remarkably like gluten - it has that chewy, meaty look about it. There's a little bit of chilli oil within the pack, with a scattering of sesame seeds too. We tried it cold and it's very tasty, but the chilli flavour is probably not ideal for a salad or a sandwich, so we set about giving it some heat.

In a stir fry the tofu goes from firm to soft. It's not rubbery, but it is squishy... which we really like. Not everyone loves tofu like that, but if you do, this is really good. The chilli is hot but not fiery and the sesame gives it a full nutty flavour.

You can find Tofu King tofu in Chinese supermarkets and this one is worth seeking out.

Verdict: King lovely

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Tofu King Spicy Tofu

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. I've tried this tofu for lunch today and it was AMAZING!

    I stir fried it and accompanied with brocoli and cauliflower florettes with a soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil and lemon sauce over it, and it really was delicious.

    The texture was so similar to meat that I double-checked the package in case I made a mistake :)

    great product!

    1. Glad you liked it Saiana. Did you find it squishy?

  2. Try this in soups/green curries. Soaks up so much flavour

  3. I like this product, but always rinse it as I find it very oily, and the pieces of hot chilly not to my taste. I rinse and then fry with a little coconut oil until golden on both sides. I then add some Braggs liquid and swish around till dry and coated... I eat these cold as they really firm up and taste delicious as a Vegan accompaniment to other dishes... or as a snack... I really wish they packaged it without the excessive oil and chilly and not in plastic... but hey-ho, that's the way it is, and as I love the taste put up with...


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