Gluten-Free Vegan: OK Foods Mince Pies

gluten-free vegan mince pies

Gluten-Free mince pies from Sainsburys. If the vegan Christmas menu at your house also includes a gluten-free option, then these mince pies are ideal. Large deep-filled mince pies that look convincing as well as appetising. After yesterday's Mince Pie Taste Test, how well can a wheat-free option compare?

The mince pies look pretty normal out of the box, in fact they look like really good home made pies. The pies are quite heavy and feel firm to the touch when removed from the foil cases. The pastry holds together pretty well if you cut the pie in half and the filling isn't too runny. Served cold we thought these were can barely tell that the pastry is gluten-free in the midst of a mouthful of tasty minced fruit.

We also warmed the pies up in the oven and served them with Alpro dairy-free cream. The filling became very aromatic and smelled and tasted great. We did find that the warmed up pastry did reveal its grittiness a little more, once the fat binding it together was a loosened up by the heat. This isn't a show-stopper though... as ever you notice these things more when you're looking out for them. 

We think these mince pies would make an excellent menu choice if you've got a coeliac visiting this Christmas.

Verdict: Nice as Pie

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
OK Foods Freefrom Mince Pies (gluten-free)

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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