Redwood Christmas: Vegan Cheese Selection

Redwood Vegideli: 3 Pack Cheezly Selection

Vegan Cheeseboard

Your dairy-free Christmas cheese board is sorted thanks to Redwood. If you're looking to offer a selection of vegan cheeses but don't want to buy whole blocks, then this pack of three cuts is ideal. The pack offers red cheddar, cranberry and blue cheese styles in a handy size for your cheeseboard. We grabbed a selection of biscuits and crackers and put the cheeses to the test:

Redwood Vegideli: Dairy-free Vegan Cheese Selection

The cuts of cheese are half-blocks of the regular round blocks that Redwood offer. These three cheeses are available year-round rather than being festive specials, but the pack of half sizes is certainly a convenient way to have a few flavours in your fridge over Christmas.

Vegan Cheese and Biscuits - red cheddar

We put the red cheddar on a Ritz cracker, with a knob of Vitalite to hold the piece of cheese in place. The salty cracker and buttery spread helps to make the cheese a little more authentic. The red cheddar is mild and a little tangy. Pretty good with the cracker.

Vegan Cheese and Biscuits - cranberry

We tried the sweeter cranberry cheese on the plainest of our crackers - an oatcake first and then on some crispbread. The cranberries are pretty well studded through the cheese and do liven it up a little, as well as bringing that festive cranberry taste back to the table. The cheese doesn't quite have enough flavour to offset a bland cracker though, so stick to salty ones.

Vegan Cheese and Biscuits - blue cheese

The blue cheese seemed right for digestive biscuits (graham crackers). This isn't blue cheese in the colour sense - there are no blue veins to speak of. Instead the cheese is a pale cream colour, with the flavour of a blue cheese. On its own the cheese isn't quite convincing, but paired with a digestive we rather liked it.

Round Up:

Vegans can enjoy the delights of a cheeseboard too. Dairy-free cheeses are improving all the time, and while there is still a little way to go get the textures and flavours perfect, these Redwood cheeses are a great alternative to dairy cheese. Try them with salty crackers and sweet digestives and we think you'll rather enjoy them.

Verdict: Pass the Cheezly pleezly

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Redwood Vegideli: 3 Pack Cheezly Selection

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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