Liveblog: Leicester Vegan Fair (Autumn 2012)

We're here in Leicester on a mild Autumn morning for the second vegan fair of the year in the city. Read on for our liveblog of the day's events.

We spotted a vegan lemon meringue pie on the Vegan Outreach stall and just had to try it...the peaks are a little soft, but quite convincing.

The Free Food Table is very popular, with people fighting to try the free samples of vegan dishes and vegan products. Non-vegan visitors were overheard complimenting the Vegusto cheese.

We met Phil and Darelle from Razzle Dazzle Ices who have brought their vegan ice cream freezer all the way up the M5 to spread the word about their artisan dairy-free ices. They showed us some hemp wool insulation that they're planning to use to offer eco-friendly shipped frozen deliveries. We also got to sample their delicious new Christmas flavour ice cream which is coconut based with mincemeat in.

We finally caught up with Michelle from The Vegan Cakery and sampled some of her delicious vegan cupcakes. The banoffee one was really great.

We took the opportunity to stock up on the full range of Go Max Go bars... we're planning on making our very own vegan version of a Selection Box.. that Christmas tradition of lots of choccy bars bundled together in a box. The Ethical Treats stall also had a huge selection of Moo Free chocolate too.

We've found a couple of artisan vegan products that you won't find in the shops. At least three versions of vegan lemon curd on various stalls, and jars of salted caramel sauce... mmm lovely!

Sue from Leicester Vegans gave us a fascinating talk on making vegan kefir. She's promised to donate some kefir grains to us so we can have a go too. Sue told us that her grains have survived on soya milk for many years. That's Sue on the right below... but no photo of the vegan kefir... sorry.

Anyone remember V1 in Nottingham? We've just bumped into Tamsin who used to run it and her two kids.... a couple of lifelong vegans to swell the ranks. Oh we miss V1...

More photos from the day below. Thanks to Ann-Marie and co for organising another great vegan event, and we look forward to next year's events.


  1. Ruth - Vegan Outreach17 November 2012 at 20:36

    Thanks for writing about our event, nice to see you again.

    Ruth,Marcus, Ann-Marie and Tim

  2. It's a pleasure Ruth. Great to see you all again.

  3. Hi Veganoo,

    Glad you enjoyed the mini Banoffee Cupcake sample, thanks for the pictures!

  4. Great to see the pictures of the fair not too bad a one of me! If you want to see pictures of kefir go to our face book page and look at pictures!/LeicesterVeggies
    also easy vegan on my Veggie Sue's recipe page

  5. Thanks for the links Sue. We're want to feature your kefir here on veganoo. Link to your kefir photos:


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