Vegan Version: Yuba Mayo (Tuna Mayo)

Yuba Mayo (Vegan Tuna Mayo)

The Veganizer in action: fish-free but flaky, oily, meaty and delicious. If you've ever bought one of those cans of tinned yuba (soybean skins) and looked at the recipe on the back, you might have tried this before. If not, you'll also need some nori (seaweed), some lemon juice, sea salt and some egg-free mayo:

Marigold Braised Yuba
Marigold Braised Yuba (sold as braised tofu)

First a note about buying that tinned's not labelled correctly. The UK distributors Marigold don't think we know what yuba is, but that we do know what tofu guess what...they label it as tofu. The label says Marigold Braised Tofu...and we guess the 'braised' bit is right. If you want to know the difference between yuba and tofu have look over at our sister site

For mayo we recommend Plamil - it's thick, creamy and mild. Nori (seaweed) comes in sheets, toasted or untoasted and it also comes pre-toasted and pre-flaked in jars. You need toasted flakes for this recipe so the Sanchi jars are the easiest way to do it and are great value...there is as much in a jar as 10 sheets in a pack. If using untoasted nori sheets, pop them in the toaster for 10-15 seconds....NO MORE THAN THIS...or they'll catch fire, then crumble them into small flakes.

Put your yuba in a bowl, discarding the gravy that comes in the can. You can sometimes make use of this gravy, but not in yuba-mayo as it makes it all too runny. The sheets of yuba are quite oily and moist anyway.

Mash up the yuba with a fork. You may need to chop it coarsely with a sharp knife first unless you have strong wrists...and a strong fork. Then add one or two tablespoons of toasted nori flakes, a sprinkle of sea salt and a good splash of lemon juice.

Finally, add a couple of heaped tablespoons of vegan mayo and mix through. You can add more or less mayo to suit your taste.

Serve your yuba-mayo as a jacket potato filling, or in a vegan sandwich, with nothing more than a few crisp salad leaves. No mercury, no fish suffering. If you want a hit of plant Omega 3s...Plamil have you covered....choose their 'mayo with flax oil'.

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  1. That looks very good. Tuna mayo was one of my favourite quick meals (in a sandwhich or on a jacket potato) many years ago when I still ate fish.

  2. I have never had tofu mayo but this marigold can contains gold, it's so good, I just eat it straight out of the can!


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