Review: Vantastic vegan white chocolate spread

Vantastic vegan white chocolate spread

Continuing with our dairy-free white chocolate theme for this week, today's review is Vantastic white chocolate spread. You'd use this in the same way as nutella-style spreads....on bread or toast. The German spread is available online and has a long shelf life thanks to a good proportion of fat and sugar. What's immediately odd about this stuff has no chocolate ingredients whatsoever...

The German labelling dodges this issue by deliberately mis-spelling Schokolade as Schakalode, but the English translation isn't so clever. What the jar does contain is sugar, sunflower oil and lupin flour. It's a lot easier to get hold of lupin flour on the continent, although you will find it in baked goods in the UK too. Sweet lupins are similar to soya beans with a good protein content and can be used in similar ways. The lupin flour is used in this spread as the 'milky' ingredient providing the whiteness, protein and bulk.

Vantastic vegan white chocolate spread on toast fingers

Taste wise, the lack of cocoa butter is apparent...but not immediately so. White chocolate is largely a strong sweet vanilla taste with a less strong chocolately taste from the cocoa butter. The Vantastic spread has the sweet vanilla flavour but lacks the more complex chocolately taste.

The texture of the spread is a little grainy, both from the lupin flour and also from the sugar. This is noticeable on a spoon, but not once spread on toast or bread. On our toast fingers we actually found it rather nice.

Chocolate or not, this is a tasty bread spread...for sweet toothed vegans

Verdict: Spread the word

Veganoo Score: ★★★
Vantastic vegan white 'chocolate' spread

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the jar we reviewed.

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  1. I love this spread, I think it tastes exactly like white chocolate! It's really great on pancakes!

  2. I love that. My new addiction. It taste better than the real one


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