Review: Taifun Herb Grill Sausages

Taifun Herb Grill Sausages (vegan)

The German word 'grillen' is the equivalent of 'to barbecue' in British English, but 'to grill' in US English. In the US 'to barbecue' is to cook more slowly, which has no equivalent in the's something Brits don't really do. To compound this linguistic confusion, 'to grill' in the UK is the same as 'to broil' in the US. No wonder there is some doubt as to what Taifun mean with their English translation of 'Grill Sausages'.

Taifun vegan sausages under the grill

So with some apprehension...we whacked them under the grill (the broiler...). We're never quite sure of the intended result...vegan sausages come in many there isn't a benchmark to aim for. We took the precaution of brushing the sausages with oil before grilling them, but the high top heat quickly saw the sausage 'skins' blistering. You have to be pretty careful not to burn these sausages.

Taifun vegan sausages served with fried potatoes

Once grilled and served up with some german style fried potatoes, the sausages are pretty good. Wrinkly, but good. If you're new to vegan sausages, you need to understand the need to judge them on their own merits. Although there are vegan sausages that closely mimic British pork sausages (like Fry's brand), these are nothing like that. Largely based on tofu rather than gluten, Taifun sausages are light, quite dry and quite chewy. Thanks to the herb flavouring, they certainly aren't bland, but again this is not really a 'meaty' flavour.

There is plenty of room in the vegan marketplace for many types of vegan sausage, and we celebrate that. If you like herby, light, grilled sausages....give these a try.

Verdict: Grill or Broil...but brush with oil

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Taifun Herb Grill Sausages

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

Taifun Herb Grill Sausages ingredients

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