Review: Redwood Gourmet Vegan Gravy Powder

Redwood Gourmet Vegan Gravy Powder

Redwood have launched an instant gravy powder in what could be their quest to fill every untapped niche in the vegan foods market. This isn't the first instant vegan gravy as many of the vegetarian gravy granules available in supermarkets are suitable for vegans. Perhaps that's why Redwood added 'Gourmet' to the label as a selling point....although we suspect vegan gourmets are capable of making their own gravy... So what are Redwood bringing to the table with their new gravy?

The gravy powder is certainly very different to gravy granules you might have used's not even brown in its powder state. A glance at the ingredients reveals that Redwood have not added MSG as a shortcut to a meaty flavour either, when most other brands do. The gravy is prepared the same as normal instant gravy though....just add boiling water and stir. We did find that the suggested mix was a little thin for our liking, so we doubled the quantity of powder to water to achieve a nice thick gravy (as pictured).

Redwood Gourmet Vegan Gravy

The gravy certainly delivers on's really tasty and has a nice old fashioned meaty gravy tang. We served it up on some veggie sausages and we were impressed with how good it was. The omission of MSG means there is none of that unpleasant aftertaste you usually get with gravy granules. We like it.

All round we think Redwood have done a great job and have shown the established gravy producers how instant gravy should be done.

Verdict: Great an instant.

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
 Redwood Gourmet Vegan Gravy Powder

We've deducted a point on the basis the gravy is a little thin

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

Redwood Gourmet Vegan Gravy Powder ingredients

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