Review: Champion Soya Milk Portions

Champion UHT Soya Milk Mini Jigger Pots

Long life jigger pots of soya milk. Individual portions. These are mini pots of long life (UHT) soya milk for use in coffee and tea. With a shelf life of 6 months, these are a perfect store cupboard staple for vegans on their travels away from civilisation (anywhere you can't get a soya latte...).

These Champion brand pots are a welcome return to the market after a ten year absence. Pritchetts, who are one of the biggest suppliers of jigger pots in the UK under the 'Millac Maid' brand launched a similar product called 'Soya Maid' in the early noughties, but it was discontinued shortly after launch.

Vegan Soya Milk Mini Pots

This product is made by another dairy producer, this time the Polish company Miko Plus, who market dairy jigger pots under the same Champion brand. The pots are 12g each, and are sold in boxes of 80, although some shops split the boxes and sell them individually (80 is a lot to use within 6 months).

Our first test was in a mug of instant coffee, where two pots provided the necessary whiteness and creaminess. The product dissolves pretty well, certainly better than the powdered coffee creamers we've tested. The flavour is pretty neutral. 

In tea, it wasn't quite as successful, with some lumps persisting after vigorous stirring. In subsequent tests we found that if your stirred while pouring, you could minimise the fleck formation. It doesn't actually separate and you can't feel the flecks. As always with tea, it's easy to taint the flavour, but we found this was quite palatable.

This product is most successful in freshly ground coffee shop coffee. You may need two or three pots, depending on the size of the cup, but it works beautifully. It blends completely without lumps and can tame the roughest cup of bitter black coffee into a palatable drink. 

Think train buffets, bus stations and visitor centres, where the coffee isn't great and they never have soya milk. This is a godsend for these situations. We even got them through airport security (put them in your clear wash bag) and tried them on a flight.

Of course you should never throw the pots away when you've used them. Always leave them strategically placed so that the management knows there is a demand for soya milk at their premises!

Round Up

Despite the mixed results in tea, this is by far the best coffee creamer we've ever tested and for that reason we're giving it full marks. The convenience of having individual portions of long life soya milk available can't be underestimated!

If you can't find these at your local health or wholefood shop, request they stock them. Failing that, you can get them on Amazon: Individual Soya Milk Portions (affiliate link).

We bought ours from Bluebird Wholefoods (Nottingham's only vegan grocery)

Veganoo Score: ★★★
Champion - Soya Milk Mini Pots
The Good: Great in fresh brewed coffee
The Not-so-Good: Mixed results in tea

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients from the pack we reviewed.

Water, soybean oil, stabilizers E435, E472e, sugar, vanilla flavour

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  2. How many calories are per pot?

  3. Worked fine for me in tea. I'm in a very soft water area though. Maybe water hardness causes a difference?

  4. I wish this product was marketed more. Why should I have to carry around my own soya milk or pay 40 p extra because businesses can't be bothered to buy a carton of this stuff just using 1 litre cartons that go off quickly after being used for one or two portions a day.


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