Review: Cocofina coconut snack bars

Cocofina coconut snack bars

Organic vegan 'cereal' bars with coconut, dates and cocoa. We were sent these bars by Cocofina, alongside their coconut oil, coconut syrup, and coconut water which we've already reviewed. The bars are in two distinct styles - mashed fruit bars and a macaroon bar.

The bars are Coconut & Date Bar (on the left), Coconut & Cocoa Bar (on the right), and the Coconut Macaroon Bar (centre). The macaroon bar came in plain packaging and doesn't appear to be on sale just yet.

The fruity bars will be familiar if you've tried Nakd bars or similar ones based on mashed up raisins and dates. They're enjoyable enough, but won't have your tastebuds begging for more. The cocoa bar is the nicer of the two, with a chocolatey taste to go with the coconut.

The macaroon bar is a revelation though, with coconut and oats bound with golden syrup (inverted sugar syrup). The bar is sweet, chewy and crisp, with a fantastic toasted coconut flavour. It does have that macaroon sort of flavour, with the texture somewhere between flapjack and marzipan. These will be hugely popular when they hit the shops.

The Good: Great macaroon bar
The Not-so-Good: Fruity bars are just OK

Veganoo Score: ★★★
Cocofina - Coconut & Date Bar / Coconut & Cocoa Bar

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Cocofina - Coconut Macaroon Bar

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients from the packs we reviewed.

Coconut & Date Bar:
Raisins (containing sunflower oil), coconut, dates, oats, water

Coconut & Cocoa Bar:
Raisins (containing sunflower oil), dates, coconut, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder

Coconut Macaroon Bar:
Coconut, golden syrup, oats, maltodextrin

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