Review: Cocofina Coconut Oil / Nectar

Cocofina Raw, organic, unrefined coconut oil and coconut flower nectar

Raw, organic, unrefined coconut oil and coconut flower nectar. Cocofina's marketing team sent us a range of the company's products for review, and we're working our way through them. Cocofina specialise in all manner of coconut products, including drinks, cereal bars, oils and syrups. Come see what we made with these two:

Coconut flower nectar is syrup made from the sap of the coconut palm tree. It's similar in this respect to maple syrup, but is tapped from the tree in a different way. It has a taste that's like a cross between agave and malt syrup.

You all know what coconut oil tastes like, but there's a big distinction between this raw, cold-pressed and unrefined product and the cheaper refined oils. This raw oil tastes more strongly of coconut, but it's also purer and without trans fats (refined coconut oil is sometimes partially hydrogenated). Unrefined oil has a lower smoking point though, so is unsuitable for cooking at high temperatures.

We reviewed these products together because we hit upon the idea of making a baked flapjack using the oil and the nectar instead of margarine and sugar. The resulting flapjack is crispier than normal, and has a delicious sweet coconut taste. Try adapting your favourite flapjack recipe and see for yourself.

The Cocofina range is available online and in selected stockists. To buy, see the Cocofina website:

The Good: Excellent quality oil, great tasting syrup
The Not-so-good: The health benefits of coconut nectar are widely debated

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Cocofina - Coconut Oil / Coconut Flower Nectar

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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