Review: Coconut Yoghurts from Bessant & Drury / The Coconut Collaborative

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Between reviewing the product and writing up this review, the company has gone and changed its name, and packaging. The Coconut Collaborative is the new name for Bessant & Drury. The product hasn't changed, which is a relief, as it's rather good:

This is the packaging from a couple of weeks ago. The new style packs have started hitting Waitrose in the last fortnight. We picked up the plain, the raspberry and the mango & passionfruit flavours. There is also a version of the plain yoghurt that comes with seed and berry sprinkles.

These are large pots, and are sold singly at a premium price. The yoghurt is live-cultured, but is also thickened with tara gum (similar to locust bean gum). 

This is very thick yoghurt, like a sort of dairy-free greek yoghurt. It's great to have a greek style vegan yoghurt, because there hasn't been one available until now. Not one without xylitol anyway, which is one of the downsides of CoYo, this product's main competitor. Xylitol is fairly natural, but it has an unnatural cool taste, which limits the versatility of CoYo.  [UPDATE: Coyo have removed the Xylitol]

The yoghurt has a distinct coconut flavour, but it's mild enough not to worry about using the yoghurt in a variety of ways.

The fruit flavours come as natural yoghurt with a fruit compote base layer. The mango and passionfruit is the better of the two, in fact it's fantastic. We'd go as far as to say that this one flavour is the best vegan yogurt on the market.

The raspberry flavour is also very good. Sweet but with a tart sharpness too. The amount of compote seems to vary pot by pot, with quite a lot more in our raspberry pot.

The new Coconut Collaborative branding is strong, and with a place on the shelves at Waitrose, we hope this product will stick around. The price is very high, but for an occasional purchase, we think the luxury is worth it.

The Good: Thick, creamy vegan yoghurt
The Not-so-good: Very expensive

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Bessant & Drury / The Coconut Collaborative - Yoghurts

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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  1. Update: CoYo have contacted us to advise that xylitol has been removed from their products.


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