Review: Mediterranea Ragu di Soia - bolognese sauce

Meat-free ragu sauce with soya mince for lasagne and bolognese. Another sample sent to us by MozzaRisella partner Mediterranea. This is the second Italian faux-meat ragu we've tried recently, with the first being the wonderful one that came with the Relasagna lasagne-in-a-box kit. This one is sold separately, on the MozzaRisella online store. We made a lasagne with it, topped with what else, but MozzaRisella vegan mozzarella:

This ragu has really simple ingredients, just like the Relasagna one did, but oh boy do the Italians know how to do this thing properly. The rich flavour is unbelievable and really quite amazing. The ingredients are chopped really fine which is ideal for lasagne. The meat this time is soya mince, whereas the Relasagna ragu was with seitan.

We made up a lasagne with the ragu, a home made béchamel and topped the whole thing off with slices of regular MozzaRisella. You can grate MozzaRisella, but it's fiddly because of the texture so we opted out. SmokeyRisella is also a good option in a dish like this.

Having seen how badly another vegan mozzarella (Jeezo Bianco) melted in our review earlier this week, have a look at how well MozzaRisella melts - beautifully! There is no other vegan cheese that melts this well.

The finished lasagne has a really tasty ragu sauce and an oozy mozzarella top - divine. If you can make your own ragu that's this tasty, you should be a chef... or you probably already are!

Mediterranea Ragu di Soia is available from the MozzaRisella online shop.

Don't forget to buy some MozzaRisella to go with it!

Verdict: Ragooey Goodness

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Mediterranea Ragu di Soia

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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