Review: Soreen Banana Loaf & Lunchbox Loaves

Soreen Banana Loaf & Lunchbox Loaves are vegan

Banana flavoured fruit loafs from malt loaf maker Soreen. Full size banana loafs plus mini 'lunchbox loaves' in the same flavour. If you're a lover of malt loaf, that dark squidgy, moist fruit loaf, you'll know that Soreen isn't vegan. The company stubbornly refuses to change the recipe to omit the milk, but whenever they diversify, such as with these banana loaves, the ingredients are usually dairy-free:

The company made a plum loaf a few years back. Curiously, this contained no plums, but it also contained no milk. The plum loaf has sadly been discontinued, but the company has a range of new products on offer.

This banana loaf is very banana-ry. From the moment you open the pack, to the moment you take a bite, you get a lovely waft of banana. The loaf is every bit as good as traditional malt loaf (supermarket brands are often vegan). It's really moist, squidgy, sticky and just sweet enough to be more like cake than bread.

The mini lunchbox loaves are not quite as good, because they have more crust, and less squidgy middle. They're equally as banana-ry though, and we'd be very happy to find one of these in our packed lunch.

Does fruit loaf or malt loaf need cow's milk? Absolutely not. Soreen have proved they can make great products like these, without the dairy, and we look forward to trying Soreen malt loaf one day!

Verdict: Squidgetastic

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Soreen Banana Fruit Loaf & Lunchbox Loaves

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Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. I love the product! When I was younger, we used to argue over who had the last slice of their 'Original' loaf so you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered this new addition was made without dairy - I was able to enjoy malt loaf once again!

    I do agree - the lunchbox loaves are disappointing and don't really match the quality of the larger loaf.

    As I am aware, they also produce an Apple and Sultana loaf which is vegan. :)

    1. Hello Vegankid, hope you enjoyed your travels! We'll look out for the Apple and Sultana loaf.

  2. Apple Sultana ingredients look ok, but Soreen site doesn't say vegan like they do for banana.

    1. Odd that. Maybe something hidden in the flavourings, but it meets our review policy.


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