Review: Cosy Organic Teas

A range of vegan-certified organic teas from Beyond The Bean in Bristol. The teas come in 9 flavours ranging from English Breakfast, to green teas and fruity teas. Some of the range is Fairtrade certified. We felt like a tea binge, so we made them all at once, pointed our little fingers out and and set about tea-tasting:

These teas are beautifully presented with knitted pattern designs to the boxes and friendly branding. The one thing to bear in mind with them is that the little tea bags are cup-sized rather than mug-sized, as they don't have artificial flavours designed to smack you in the mouth. These teas are all calm and mild rather than loud and wild.

The teas and what we thought of them:

Blueberry & Echinacea 
Blueberry, Echinacea, Hibiscus & Rosehips 
Cosy told us this one would be bursting with flavour, but we found it to be a bit more laid back than that. Nice and fruity, but mild

Chamomile flowers with a hint of Liquorice for sweetness
Really lovely chamomile tea with a great aroma of vanilla and toffee. Good strong flavour, mildly sweet and not at all bitter. A real winner.

Egyptian Peppermint 
Some peppermint teas can be too strong and end up tasting more like mouthwash, but this one is milder and with a flavour more like a peppermint infused cup of tea. Calming and gentle.

Green Tea with Lemon
Sencha Green Tea with a hint of Lemon
The lemon really is just a hint, but this is a well balanced green tea which won't go bitter if you leave the bag in your cup

Green Tea with Jasmine
Steamed Jasmine flowers with Chunmee Green Tea
We love jasmine tea. This isn't at all like the stuff you get in chinese restaurants which have quite a jasmine punch. The jasmine here is a really delicate flavour against the green tea.

Breakfast Tea
A blend of Assam & Nilgiri teas from India
A good all round cuppa. Not strong enough to make any friends in the North, but makes a lovely cup of tea to serve with a vegan victoria sponge.

Earl Grey Tea
Breakfast Tea blend with natural Bergamot
Early Grey is another of our favourites, but every tea house has their own blend. This one wasn't to our taste as we like a bit more of a bergamot punch, but it might be to yours.

Rooibos & Vanilla
’Redbush’ tea from South Africa with a hint of Vanilla
So this is how you make Rooibos palatable... We have to admit a dislike for rooibos, but we could certainly drink this. Perfectly balanced vanilla sweetness lets you appreciate the red bush flavour.

Decaf Tea
The Breakfast blend without the caffeine
This lacks a certain poke, which could be down to the lack of caffeine (how can you live without caffeine?) You can leave the bag in without it going bitter though, so we'd say it's well blended.

Everybody has their favourite teas and there's a tea for everyone here. Our favourites from the Cosy range were the Chamomile, the Rooibos and the Peppermint. 

After nine cups of tea though, excuse us while we spend a penny...

Verdict: I'll have a Cosy Tea please Bob.

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Cosy Organic Teas

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