Taste Test: Best Egg-Free Mayo

Best Egg-Free Mayo: Vegan Taste Test

Tiger Tiger, Granovita or Solesse - best squeezy vegan mayo? We know you like a good Taste Test and we noticed there were at least three brands of squeezy egg-free mayo on the market in the UK. We gathered up the three and sampled them side by side to see which was best. Move over Hellmans, the Egg Free cavalry has arrived:

Our sample dish was simple... we don't want strong flavours disguising the taste of the mayo. We simply squeezed the mayo over three bowls of salad leaves. The difference in textures was apparent straight away - one thick, one thin, and one creamy.


In 3 words:
Thick, rich, tasty

This is the thick one and the one with the highest fat content, which gives it a good rich mouthfeel. Despite the thickness it still squeezes pretty well, and has a tendency to sit exactly where you squeeze it. Best for sandwiches as this won't make your sarnies soggy. Mild and nicely tangy taste.

Verdict: Best Dressed Mayo
Veganoo Score: ★★★★★


In 3 words:
Thin, mild, smooth

The thinnest of the three mayos but perhaps the most classic taste. We'd probably avoid this on sandwiches as it would soak into the bread, but otherwise this is a great versatile mayo. Smooth and mild with just enough sharpness.

Verdict: Classic Mayo
Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆


In 3 words:
Sweet, creamy, tangy

The creamiest texture on offer but definitely the oddest in taste. This one has the most unusual ingredients and is the furthest away from classic mayo. The taste is very tangy and a little too sweet for our liking. A bit like a thick salad cream.

Verdict: Quirky Dresser
Veganoo Score: ★★★☆☆

Round up:

Newcomer Tiger Tiger is the winner of our Taste Test, with Granovita a close second. Solesse is popular in supermarkets but we don't think it's a great example of a classic egg-free mayo.

As we always conclude though - the real winner is choice. Vegans now have a real choice for more and more products, and we can only see this getting better.

Got an idea for a Taste Test? Let us know.

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

Tiger Tiger

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  1. Ive tried solesse and mayola, and as only a recently turned vegan I definitely think solesse was the more mayo like of the two. mayola is more like salad cream. Haven't tried tiger tiger, where can you get it?

  2. Tiger Tiger mayo is only sold in Sainsburys as far as we can tell

  3. Ok cheers, shame I dont have a sainsburys near me!

  4. Guys there is another brand of vegan mayo by Infinity Foods. I bought a vegan labelled sandwich and was paranoid about the mayonnaise because it was so realistic, not sure if I threw some of it away because of that.

    Went and asked what type it was and showed me! (The place is a shop but they make up and sell sandwiches) Now Infinity Foods DO do an egg mayo, too so assuming they hadnt accidently put the real mayo in this vegan sandwich, the inifinity foods one is amazing. They do both regular and a garlic mayo.

    After seeing it wasnt in this review I checked and saw the egg-mayo and spent the last couple days thinking the shop had put egg mayo into a vegan sandwich, but after checking again found Inifinity Food brands do 2 vegan ones too :)

    Anyway a long and very boring story, sorry!

    Perhaps you guys would like to test those two out too! They were so good!

  5. *Ooops the one i tried was good, havent tried the garlic one.

  6. Good news! Plamil also do vegan mayo
    Both this and the infinity foods one are not in a squeeze bottle though. Just noticed that in your review

  7. We're looking out for the Infinity one. The Plamil one is great.

  8. Solesse is the only soya free mayo. Asda used to stock it but now I can't find it anywhere :o(

  9. Funny enough, Tiger Tiger mayo does NOT comes under the "vegan products" list on Tiger Tiger's website. I wonder why they don't classify their own mayo being vegan if I can't see anything wrong on the ingredients list?

    1. It probably shares a production line with dairy/egg

  10. Amisa is really good as well, and soya and egg free. Taste-wise it is closest to 'normal' mayo IMHO the only drawback is the texture is a bit thin.


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