Liveblog: Animal Aid Christmas Fayre

We're here at Kensington Town Hall for the annual Christmas without Cruelty event. The place is packed out and despite freezing temperatures outside it's certainly warm in here:

We've got all the usual suspects and some we see less of. The Green Party have a stall here and yes it's staffed by vegans. We've clocked FGV again, this time on the Frys stall, after his stint with Ms Cupcake at the West Midlands festival... he certainly gets around! Here are the Ms Cupcake girls doing a roaring trade as usual though.

What's missing here at CWC is any sort of entertainment. There are no bands or comedy slots scheduled, and quite a limited programme of events through the day. We'll be heading for the Ms Cupcake vegan baking talk at 2pm.

We called in at Whole Foods Market in High Street Kensington on the way in, to check it out... an unbelievable scale for a wholefood store... with unbelievable prices to match! The Tofurky Roast was 30 quid! It's amazingly well stocked however and has the best selection of vegan foods we've ever seen in one place.

Ms Cupcake is giving all her secrets away to a jam-packed lecture hall. Milk, butter and egg replacers all get a run through, as well as sugar replacers. The Question and Answer session is throwing some toughies up... how do you make vegan meringue and vegan swiss roll?...

Ms Cupcake video:

The sponsored head and beard shave is great fun. People from Animal Aid are having their heads and beards shaved off for sponsorship. One particularly dramatic transformation is a bloke called Spud: here he is before and after:

While we're in the capital we couldn't stay away from Vx.... the vegan boutique on Caledonian Road. We've bagged quite a haul to bring home for review, including vegan doner kebab, Vantastic white chocolate and a whole load of kosher chocolately goodies. Staying open until 6:30pm on a Sunday is some commitment from the volunteer vegans who run the place.

More photos of the festival below:

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