Review: Lazy Day Vegan Tray-Bakes

Lazy Days Free-From Tray-Bakes vegan cakes

Gluten-free, dairy-free tray-bake cakes from Scottish producer Lazy Days. We only recently discovered the chocolate ginger version of these tray-bakes and thought it was a good opportunity to review the range together. The headline grabber has to be the caramel shortbread a.k.a millionaire's shortbread with that still rare sight...vegan caramel. 

Lazy Days Free-From Tray-Bakes vegan chocolate tiffin

Tiffin, also known as biscuit cake, or fridge cake is one of the easier vegan cakes to make at home, but not so easy to make gluten-free. This one is rich, dark and pretty good. The wheat-free biscuit chunks are nice and big and the texture isn't too bad, with little grittiness. The belgian chocolate is mixed through the cake as well as layered on top.

Lazy Days Free-From Tray-Bakes vegan chocolate orange tiffin

The chocolate orange tray bake is very similar to the tiffin but is flavoured with natural orange oil. Chocolate and orange always sound good together but we're not sure it works quite so well in a biscuit cake. The orange is pretty strong and somehow doesn't harmonise with the chocolate. That said, if you're a lover of this flavour combo then you might find this is much more to your taste than it was to ours.

Lazy Days Free-From Tray-Bakes vegan millionaires shortbread caramel

The millionaire's shortbread looks great, with a thick layer of golden caramel below its chocolate topping. The caramel is good with a lovely burnt sugar that's not too bitter. We thought the chocolate could be a little thicker on the top, but this does vary with the batch in our experience. The shortbread is a large part of this cake and the slight grittiness from the rice flour does come through a little more than in the other cakes, but's VEGAN CARAMEL SHORTBREAD and we can't get enough of it.

Lazy Days Free-From Tray-Bakes vegan chocolate ginger tiffin

If you're a ginger lover you're sure to love the chocolate ginger slices. They have an incredible 9% crushed ginger in there and it's deliciously potent. It tastes rather like that crystallised ginger you sometimes use in cake baking. The cake is another biscuit style chocolatey affair with small chunks of wheat-free biscuit. The ginger icing on top is great.

You can find some of these tray bakes in high street stores such as Waitrose and online at Goodness Direct. The millionaire's shortbread being the one you're most likely to find, and it's no bad thing for a handy source of vegan caramel to be widely available.

Verdict: Lazy but Lovely

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Lazy Days Free-From Tray-Bakes

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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  1. Vegan caramel - boil agave syrup take off heat and add tahini. works a treat

  2. never heard of that method...thanks Plumes


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