Review: Taifun Tofritto tofu steaks

Our favourite tofu producer Taifun also makes sausages, cutlets, filets and steaks, all from the finest German tofu (made from German-grown organic soya beans). The latest line to hit chiller shelves in the UK is their Tofritto brand of tofu steaks. The product comes in two flavours, Cashew & Olives and Capers & Peppers. The steaks can be eaten cold but are best pan-fried until crispy. We fried up the Cashew & Olive steak for our review:

A quick 5 minutes in a medium-hot pan is all that's needed. The Tofritto steaks will brown a little and crisp up, ready to serve. The 180g (6 oz) portion is a little on the hefty side, but equally the steak won't really feed loosen your belt and tuck in. You could always keep a few slices aside for filling a sandwich later.

You can slice up the Tofritto to serve, or simply serve it whole. For something that is nearly 80% tofu, these steaks are pretty flavoursome. The taste is just a little on the salty side but the olives and cashews really pack in the flavour. The texture is pretty firm and chewy, but not really meaty like a seitan steak would be. 

These tofu steaks are a great option if you like fried food but want something lighter than a burger or a seitan or tempeh steak. 

Verdict: Steak a place at the dinner table

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Taifun Tofritto tofu steaks

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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