Review: Blue Diamond 'Almond Breeze' Milk

Vegan Review: Blue Diamond 'Almond Breeze' Almond Milk

There's been a sudden influx of almond milk brands arriving in the UK. The latest is Almond Breeze from California almond growers Blue Diamond. What's interesting is that the new arrivals, including Alpro have settled on just 2% almond to water ratio. Established brand EcoMil uses a 7% ratio in their milk which is more in line with soya milk and rice milk. Does Almond Breeze suffer from it's low almond content?

Glass of Blue Diamond 'Almond Breeze' Almond Milk

As a chilled drink, the Almond Breeze is great. Nice white colour, smooth texture and a very mild taste. There is very little graininess from the almonds even when well shaken. We reviewed the unsweetened version which had just a little sweetness coming through from the almonds.

Blue Diamond 'Almond Breeze' Almond Milk in coffee

We don't normally suggest nut milks for use in tea and coffee and Almond Breeze is no exception. When added generously to instant coffee it hardly provided any whiteness and didn't reduce the bitterness of the coffee. It doesn't curdle, so you could probably make a latte with it, but the low solids ratio isn't doing it any favours.

We suspect the low almond content is as much to do with the fat and calorie count of the milk as anything else. At under 3% fat, the milk is pitched to compare to semi-skimmed cow's milk (just under 2%). We'd have preferred a slightly higher almond content which would make the milk more versatile.

This is a great tasting almond milk and you'll love it chilled by the glass, but its wider use as a versatile plant milk may be limited.

Verdict: Tasty but Skinny

Veganoo Score: ★★★☆☆
Blue Diamond 'Almond Breeze' Almond Milk

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the carton we reviewed.

Blue Diamond 'Almond Breeze' Almond Milk ingredients

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  1. Sva sreća da je karegenan zdrav i da nije prikazan ostatak ingradijenata.

  2. Oh I love Almond Breeze, I prefer this brand of almond milk more than soya in a coffee! (I do take mine reasonably milky, but never had it coming out quite as dark as yours). And for me it's always about how milky it feels in my mouth, not how white it looks.


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