Gluten-Free Vegan: Prewetts Jammy Wheels

Gluten-Free Vegan: Prewetts Jammy Wheels

Gluten-Free recently 'beat the wheat' in our recent vegan ice cream cone taste test, so for this review we're doing it again...putting these gluten-free 'jammy wheels' up against wheat-based jammie dodgers. Both packs of biscuits (cookies for US readers) are vegan of course. The Prewetts biscuits are based on gluten-free oats and are slightly more 'wholemeal' looking than regular jammie dodgers. Can oats beat out wheat this time too?

Burtons Jammie Dodgers are vegan

The wheat-based competitor in the red corner is a pack of Burton's Original Jammie Dodgers. Burtons are the originators of the jammie dodger, which launched in 1955, so they should have got it right by now. In case you're from Mars, or the US, these cookies are two layers of plain shortbread with jam (jelly) in the middle.

Prewetts Jammy Wheels and Burtons Jammie Dodgers (both vegan)
Prewetts on the left - Burtons on the right
As we mentioned, the Prewetts biscuits are a little more wholemeal than the Burtons ones, and therefore deviate from the accepted norm. You can get wholemeal shortbread (we just googled it) but it isn't too common, and what you get therefore when you bite into a Jammy Wheel is unexpected. Not in a bad way for sure...what we're taking about here is more of a hob-nob kind of taste..which we like. When we go back and try a jammie dodger it compares poorly...the shortbread is very dull by comparison. In fact the jammy bit is better in the Prewetts biscuit too...being not quite as gelatinous, but softer and gooier. Yup...we prefer the Prewetts to the Burtons.

Much to our own wonderment, gluten-free has done it again and beat the wheat at its own game.

Verdict: Jam Today and Tomorrow

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Prewetts Jammy Wheels

Veganoo Score: ★★★
Burtons Original Jammie Dodgers

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

Prewetts Jammy Wheels ingredients

Burtons Jammie Dodgers ingredients

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