Vegan Cafe in rural Norfolk: Hillside Sanctuary

Vegan Cafe in rural Norfolk: Hillside Animal Sanctuary

There are lots of animal sanctuaries around the UK but how many have a vegan cafe? Hillside Sanctuary just outside the seaside town of Sheringham is home to hundreds of rescued animals...and to the best scones in Norfolk! The cafe is completely vegan and they don't hide this from visitors, with 'animal friendly' proudly displayed on the menu. 

With a visitor base that for the most part aren't vegan, this may be one of the biggest exercises in feeding vegan food to non-vegans we know of...

Vegan Cafe in rural Norfolk: Hillside Animal Sanctuary tea garden

The cafe boasts a large tea garden and is popular with families. The sanctuary is a day-out destination for holidaymakers along the North Norfolk coast.

Vegan Scone

The menu is simple, offering sandwiches, cakes, snacks and ice creams, but the standard is excellent. The fruit scone which comes with vegan marge and jam is huge, and really light and tasty. You can get your soya milk fix in a good cup of tea or coffee (no posh lattes though...). The ice creams are Tofutti cones, the milkshakes from Provamel and the cakes largely home made. You can even have fruit pies with vegan cream.

Hillside Animal Sanctuary

After a hearty lunch you can tour the sanctuary where the vegan message continues on the display boards. Hillside aren't afraid of getting the message over to visitors that animal farming is what gives rise to the suffering that Hillside are there to alleviate. A breath of fresh air in the Norfolk fresh air.

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Hillside have two sites: West Runton (Sheringham) and Frettenham (north of Norwich). We visited the West Runton site.

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