Review: Food Heaven Lemon Cheesecake

Food Heaven Lemon Dairy Free Cheesecake (vegan)

Vegan lovers of cheesecake now have several sources of instant satisfaction. Food Heaven's non-dairy cheesecakes are co-branded with vegan ice cream favourite Swedish Glace. The frozen cheesecakes are stocked at Tesco as part of their welcome expansion of non-dairy foods. The packaging and branding are certainly better than the similar Mamma Cucina cheesecakes, but is the product good enough to replace your favourite cheesecake recipe?

Food Heaven Dairy Free Cheesecake (vegan)

The cheesecakes come in three flavours: lemon, mango or summer fruits. We chose the lemon flavour for our review. Out of the box, the cheesecake comes in a foil case and you need to thaw it for an hour before eating it (not so instant after all...).

Dairy Free Cheesecake (vegan)

The cheesecake cuts well, particularly if still a little frozen. The texture of the topping is nice and firm and really smooth. It's a little on the jelly side rather than the creamy/cheesy side, but is good for a non-dairy recipe. Taste wise we found it a little sweet, not overly so, but noticeably so. The base is gluten-free and is less good than the topping, with the grittiness of rice flour coming through. It's not bad, but you wouldn't choose it if your weren't on a gluten-free diet.

It's great to have another vegan cheesecake option, sat right there on the shelves of Tesco (Waitrose too). This one is pretty good, but not quite perfect. 

We see that Food Heaven promises to launch a Vegan Tiramisu soon...and we can't wait to try that!

Verdict: Cheesecake...for Tesco!!

Veganoo Score: ★★★
Food Heaven Lemon Cheesecake

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

Food Heaven Lemon Dairy Free Cheesecake ingredients (vegan)

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  1. I liked this cheese cake it had a nice tart flavour. I'm looking forward to trying the other flavours now!

  2. It's ok but it's true that the base wasn't that nice, it's a shame they don't just do a vegan cheese cake with gluten in it :)


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