Something Fishy? Redwood's Fish Free range.

Redwood Making Waves Fish-Free range

Redwood's ever expanding range of meat and dairy-free foods now includes a fish-free selection. Under the 'Making Waves' banner the company offers fish-less fishcakes, fish fingers and fish steaks. The idea of replicating fish flesh may seem odd for some vegans, but once you've eaten your first veggie sausage this is where it will end... Most vegans are not born that way and will have eaten and perhaps miss the taste and textures of animal why not do it the cruelty-free way? 

So on with the review...have Redwood created the perfect fish-less fish?

Vegan Fishless Fish CakesThe Fishcakes

For non-UK readers, our traditional fishcakes are a mixture of white fish and potato in a breadcrumbed patty and that's what's being emulated here. The Redwood fishcakes are a good match but could be a little lighter. The fish flavour is subtle and the breadcrumb coating is nice and crisp.

Verdict: Pretty Good but could be fluffier
Veganoo score: ★★★☆☆

Vegan Fishless Fish FingersThe Fish Fingers

Fish Sticks for US readers, these are simply white fish in breadcrumbs, but the vegan version goes awry here. Maybe we had a bad batch but these were dense, quite dry and not at all enjoyable. These could certainly be improved to be lighter and more moist.

Verdict: Needs some work
Veganoo score: ★★☆☆☆

Vegan Fishless Fish SteaksThe Fish Steaks

The best of the three and by far the most fish-like in texture and flavour. The filling is white, light and really is flaky. A quick glance at the ingredients suggests Konjac might be the magic behind the flake texture. We suggest Redwood should use this recipe for the fish fingers too.

Verdict: Great texture and taste
Veganoo score: ★★★★☆

Below is a comparison shot of the difference in fillings of the three products, from the dense meaty filling in the fish fingers, the soft potato of the fish cakes and the flaky white filling of the fish steaks. It's a shame that the fish fingers are the least good of the three as these would be perfect for feeding kids. We can thoroughly recommend the fish-less fish steaks for grown-ups though.

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from each of the products in our review.

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  1. Did you overcook the fish fingers? I have had these many times and think they are brilliant... light and 'fluffy' like a good quality fish finger.
    Just don't overcok, if they are cooked too long they go hard and dry.

  2. We're always careful to follow the cooking instructions to the letter. Maybe we got a bad batch.

  3. I much prefer the fish style fingers. I was disapointed with the fish style steaks I thought they'd be more like the fingers. I really didn't like the texture of the steaks and the batter was soggy unlike the fingers which is always crispy.


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