Review: Moo Free Faux Milk Choc Pralines

Moo Free Faux Milk Choc Pralines

Dairy-free pralines are not uncommon, but are usually based on dark chocolate. Moo Free have taken a different route with their caramelised hazelnut pralines which are covered instead in their popular faux-milk chocolate. The pralines are sold in an attractive gift box, but are they worthy of being gifted to that special vegan friend?

Inside the gift box are twelve identical pralines sitting cosily in a tray...a little too cosily really... they're quite hard to get out! This does help with transit though and stops them getting bashed about. One thing we noticed about the rice milk chocolate is that it lacks a little of that gloss that fine chocolate makers pride themselves on....but hey, it taste's good.

Within the nice thick chocolate shell sits a sweet caramel hazelnut praline filling. The sweetness goes well with the faux milk chocolate, meaning these pralines should have a wide appeal beyond those who enjoy the more bittersweet fillings of dark chocolate pralines. The praline is nice and nutty too.

We think you'll enjoy these chocolates, particularly if you do miss dairy milk chocolate and want something other than the usual dark chocolate offerings.

Moo Free have contacted us regarding the lack of gloss on the chocolate. This is likely caused by "chocolate blooming" from the recent warm weather rather than incorrect tempering. If stored correctly the pralines should be glossy as they are when they leave the factory.

Verdict: Chocolate heaven in a gift box

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
 Moo Free Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Pralines

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

Moo Free Faux Milk Choc Pralines ingredients

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