Good Heavens. Hemp milk from Good Hemp

Hemp Milk, you know the might even have tried it. Like drinking the water you've washed your muddy boots in. That all changes with the new and improved Good Hemp recipe. We can honestly say this stuff is rather good. Much to our surprise we find it mild tasting, gently sweet, not at all gritty, and look at that's even white. But is Good Hemp good enough to become your favourite non-dairy milk?

On cereal it's great. Chilled and drunk by the glass - yep that's great too. The one downside is in tea and coffee. It's not too bad in coffee as it doesn't curdle and the flavour doesn't taint the coffee, but you do need a lot of it to make your coffee white. In tea, the story isn't so good, because the heat brings out the slight vanilla flavouring and ruins the taste of your cuppa.

On the up side, being derived from Hemp, it has the benefit of a being a vegan source of omega 3 essential fatty acids (EFAs) and it's also soya-free if you're looking to dodge the soy.

Verdict: Hemp milk has finally arrived as a decent non-dairy option. 
We'd give it another star if it worked well in tea...

veganoo score: ★★
Good Hemp hemp milk

Footnote: Ingredients
Here's the ingredients panel from the carton we reviewed.


  1. Whereabouts can I buy this hemp milk? Haven't seen it in any of my regular spots.

  2. Most wholefood stores, Holland & Barrett, or even in the supermarkets where it's stocked in the freefrom aisle.

  3. I bought a carton of this with their "try me free" promotion. Had it in coffee first, and was completely taken aback by the weird fishy taste it gave the coffee. I almost tipped the rest of the carton away, but then decided to try it on its own. Pleasantly surprised, it is really nice on its own. But it is totally weird in coffee.

  4. It's weird but anything with omega 3 can lead to a fishy taste. You occasionally get a bottle of flax oil that will be really fishy but you just have to leave the top off and the smell evaporates.

  5. You can buy it from most larger Sainsburys stores.

    It's strange that you say it doesn't work in tea, I actually liked it in tea - having said that, I shook the carton well before adding it, and only used just enough to turn the tea 'white'.
    I did find though that by the time I got to the last inch or two in the carton, when I added it to tea it was too sour and strange tasting. I thought it may have been due to the grape juice possibly. I have bought it again though and will be having it in tea again.

  6. Actually, my Good Hemp is slightly different from the one listed, they have since changed the packaging and the ingredients by the look of it

    Water, Hemp Extract (2.5%*), Rice (Syrup Powder, Starch, Flour), Grape Juice Extract Concentrate, Calcium from Seaweed (Lithothamnium Calcareum), Emulsifier (Sucrose Ester), Sea Salt, Natural Flavouring, Vitamin D2, *Equivalent to 10% Hemp Seed.


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