Review: Dorset Cereals Breakfast Pot

Dorset Cereals Breakfast Pot (muesli) - vegan

We recently reviewed Dorset Cereals vegan chocolate macadamia bar and now it's the turn of their breakfast cereal...a 'breakfast pot' in fact. This is a single serving of muesli in an oversized plastic supply your own milk. It isn't the cheapest way to get your breakfast, but if you're away from home it's about the healthiest option available. We filled ours with Rice Dream and gave it a try.

Dorset Cereals Breakfast Pot (muesli)

The serving is pretty small at 75g (3 oz) and fills about a third of the pot, leaving plenty of room for your milk of choice. The good thing about Dorset Cereals is there's no 'dust' like you get in lesser mueslis like Alpen...which is great for vegans as that dust is whey powder and milk powder.

Dorset Cereals Breakfast Pot (muesli) with Rice Dream

With a good splosh of rice milk this makes a decent breakfast, but you'd probably want a piece of toast with it, or at least a soy yoghurt. There's no spoon included in the pack, which sort of indicates that this breakfast pot is aimed at office workers who can borrow a teaspoon (and some cow juice) from the office kitchen. If you keep a carton of soya in the fridge for tea or coffee, then this might be a breakfast option for you too.

Verdict: Leave's Alpen for Dust

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Dorset Cereals Breakfast Pot (Muesli)

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

Dorset Cereals Breakfast Pot (muesli) vegan ingredients

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