Dropping The Dairy: Panda Liquorice Range

Panda Liquorice Range is vegan

Review of the NEW recipe Panda flavours, including filled liquorice, without milk ingredients. At least part of the range is now labelled as vegan too. We've long wondered why the fondant filling needed skimmed milk powder as an ingredient, and now it's been dropped we know it wasn't necessary!

The solid bars of flavoured liquorice, including blueberry and raspberry flavours are now prominently labelled as vegan on the front of the packs, which is nice to see. 

The liquorice bars with lemon and mint fillings don't carry this label, because they carry a 'may contain milk' statement on the back. As there is no longer any milk in the ingredients list, they now meet our review policy as vegan, but don't meet the allergy standard as 'dairy-free'.

You either love or hate liquorice, and that probably covers flavoured and filled liquorice too. The raspberry and blueberry solid bars are hardly liquorice at all though - it's still in there, but well down the list after the fruit content. We loved both the raspberry and blueberry flavours.

The filled bars are harder to call. Even if you like liquorice, you might not think liquorice and mint is a good combination (we didn't...). The lemon flavour is a more natural fit, and gives the liquorice a sweet citrus flavour lift which is quite pleasant.

Strong flavours like liquorice are hard to be objective about. This is good liquorice - you don't need those fancy bags you find everywhere these days. What's great, is that you can now try these flavours for yourself, thanks to Panda dropping the dairy.

The Good: Soft liquorice, fruity flavours, no more dairy
The Not-so-good: Mint filling may not appeal to everyone

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Panda - Liquorice Range

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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  1. Just be careful when shopping - Holland & Barrett currently has a mix of old and new stock. The old stock has skimmed milk powder in the lemon and mint flavours.

  2. Glad I can have the mint filled one again!

    1. It's you that likes liquorice and mint is it! It takes 'all sorts' (geddit?)

  3. I was in H&B yesterday and checked the ingredients but they still had skimmed milk. Hopefully they get the new ones in stock soon, I love liquorice.

  4. I'm currently chomping on my third mint filled delightstick ♥️♥️


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