Flavour Fave: Bessant & Drury's Ice Cream

Bessant and Drurys Ice Cream Stall

The vegan ice cream market is still a land of opportunity with a just a few established brands, some better than others in our experience. Bessant & Drury's are the latest to stake their claim to a corner of the dairy-free market with their range of coconut-milk ice creams. They were in the fortunate position of being the only ice cream vendor on site in the scorching heat at last weekend's VegFest. So is Bessant & Drury's a case of ice dream, or I scream?

Bessant and Drurys Ice Cream Stall

Let's get one thing out of the way, if you don't like coconut you won't like this ice cream. The coconut taste is mild but definitely pervasive, even with the chocolate flavour. Speaking of flavours, the chocolate is joined by strawberry, lemon and vanilla in the range of four offerings. The ice cream is available in mini tubs, regular sized 500ml tubs, or as at the festival sold by the scoop.

Bessant and Drurys Ice Cream

So do we like it? We think this is one of the best non-dairy ice creams on the market. Smooth, thick and creamy, without those ice crystals you get in some brands, even when stored as open tubs in the freezer like in the above picture. We think the fat in the coconut milk is the key ingredient in the smoothness and fullness of the texture and more than compensates for the mild coconut taste. We think the lemon was the weakest of the flavours, being a little more sorbet-like than the other flavours, but really we only have one question....why no coconut flavour ice cream?....it could be a winner.

Verdict: Ice Ice Baby

veganoo score: ★★★★☆  
 Bessant & Drury's Fine Ice Cream

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